~~~Our Family~~~

~~~Our Family~~~

New blog address!!

Here's the new address to our blog:

Save it to your computers!
We wont be posting to this one anymore!

Another one BITES the dust

So colorful...

So smooth...

So... irresistible...


Apparently Kaden decided so today.

Kids say the darndest things

Mom: (comes down the stairs first thing in the morning after a night of tossing and turning in bed--to see Kaden and daddy eating at the kitchen table.)

Kaden: (before looking up at me he hears me coming down the stairs and says "Hi Mommy!!"

Mom: Hi Kaden, I love you! (As I now walk into Kaden's view)

Kaden: (Takes one long look at the mess mom looks like 1st thing in the morning)

Kaden: Woah.....hi hair!

Mom: (laughing) Oh, do you like my crazy hair, Kaden?

Kaden: (giggling) You're silly, Mommy.

Labor Day Adventures

We had a bunch of fun today- Labor Day. And by a "bunch of fun"...I mean we didn't do much :-) That's how we like things now days...the calm days where we don't leave the house much seems to be more fun then the stress that going out of the house or vacationing would be. Austin had the day off so we got to hang out all day. I just TREASURE these days--I miss Austin so much most days, he works so hard to support us. Here's a few pictures of our fun adventures today-- all of them were without the twins. They slept soundly in their beds for most of the day :-) Sweet victory :-)
First we went to the new big park to play:


"Watch I slide"

Bubble boy

He's so calm when he goes on swings--it's like he's contemplating something. So cute.

Then it was on to the new SPLASH PAD and PARK opened up here in Spanish Fork!:


Right after a big wipe out of a splash right in his face!!

Kaden found some girl's pair of shoes lying next to the splash pad- so...he played with them :-)


Taking a drink :-)

Big hugs

My grown up little guy

And FINALLY.....................
After a long day of playing we had a small BBQ picnic dinner out on our front lawn. It was nice and relaxing.

Family Picnic

We found out Kaden likes corn on the cob!

.....he REALLY likes his corn on the cob ;-)

Oh, and don't worry---the twins were inside the house safe and sound asleep--so we made sure to bring out the baby monitor to listen for them. They didn't make a peep the whole time :-) Whew.

The Girls' Nursery

I've spent quite a while getting the girls' rooms ready for them! Last week we started putting the girls in their own room together at night time...and it has been really nice! So, we have everything together and ready for them now--except painting the walls. Not that I think we'll be moving anytime soon, but I'm still holding out hope! So, we decided to hold off on the painting of the walls until we get a house hopefully not too far future :-)

Twins Photo Shoot :-)

I got camera happy and took a bunch of pictures of my girls--- I'm sure you don't mind......:-)


Don't mind the setting of this video being in the bathroom....haha, but it was just too cute not to post! I caught Kaden singing the ABC's all by himself- so I ran to get the camera and made him do it again :-) Enjoy!