~~~Our Family~~~

~~~Our Family~~~

Kids say the darndest things

Mom: (comes down the stairs first thing in the morning after a night of tossing and turning in bed--to see Kaden and daddy eating at the kitchen table.)

Kaden: (before looking up at me he hears me coming down the stairs and says "Hi Mommy!!"

Mom: Hi Kaden, I love you! (As I now walk into Kaden's view)

Kaden: (Takes one long look at the mess mom looks like 1st thing in the morning)

Kaden: Woah.....hi hair!

Mom: (laughing) Oh, do you like my crazy hair, Kaden?

Kaden: (giggling) You're silly, Mommy.


Kylee Coulam said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I love this story! He is so so sweet! :-) Haha! Seriously I love it! :-)

Brittany and Andy said...

I am gonna say that to you EVERY time I see you now!

Combitos said...

Ava tells me I need to brush my hair ALL the time. At least Kaden wants to make friends with your crazy hair and doesn't think it's scary!